More CBPM & Agile #2


I keep digging into other Agile approaches and comparing them with CBPM. Recently I attended a two-day CSM (Certified ScrumMaster) workshop, took the test and now have my CSM designation. There seems to be more and more recognition about this designation, similar to where the PMP was a few years ago. Having that designation has led to some new contacts.

But how does it compare with CBPM? Scrum, like CBPM, emphasizes the importance of the team, the need for frequent deliverables, and the constant monitoring (by everyone in the team) on progress and the identification of challenges and how the team can help overcome them. Scrum emphasizes iterations of 2-4 weeks (typically). CBPM, with its constant review of progress, could be viewed as either iteration-less or having weekly iterations. Either way works. While Scrum plans for each iteration CBPM plans out through the commitment horizon, modifying as appropriate.

A key difference in origin: most Agile approaches came out of software development. CBPM came out of semiconductor design. As such it is able to more easily be used with non-software projects than most Agile approaches. Not to say you cannot use Scrum with non-software projects, but the connection to software is very tight and I haven’t seen much documentation on how to use it with non-software.

I continue researching some of these approaches as some of the concepts may be of value to CBPM practitioners. Stay tuned!

BTW, a CBPM session has been scheduled for June 19th in Santa Clara, CA. Another one will be held either on June 18th or June 21st in San Francisco.

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