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Jose Solera

Jose Solera, PMP, MBA (Cornell University) and West Point graduate has over 25 years of experience in high technology companies. He has managed projects and programs of all sizes in IT, security, and marketing. At Intel he led the Year 2000 effort and the post-9/11 response, both of which reported to Andy Grove and Craig Barrett, and software development projects including the Intel Inside® Program system. He has applied, taught, and mentored on Commitment-Based project management at Symantec’s IT group and at PMI Silicon Valley. Jose was the 2006 President of the PMI Silicon Valley Chapter and is an instructor in Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management Leadership Skills Program. Jose currently teaches and consults through Solera Associates LLC (http://www.pmlead.com) and can be reached at jose.solera@pmlead.com.

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