Is it PM or Leadership that’s needed?

We need both the tools and techniques of project management and the skills, attributes, etc. of leadership. I’ve been working with one client. They have an excellent team but are not “performing” yet. This is typical of teams put together in an organization. They are still forming yet they are expected to perform. This challenge requires more leadership than project management skills as the question is how to get the team to quickly jell and move into the performing realm.

We’ve agreed that I’ll do a workshop on teamwork, one based on Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team. This will be a great start although it won’t solve everything as the leaders need to be cognizant of their actions and expectations to support the improved team performance.fivedysfunctions.jpg

Most organizations take for granted that once a project is authorized it should be running at full speed immediately. Reality is that it takes time to figure out what to do, staff up, get the team to perform, and then get to a good situation. What are your experiences?

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