Continuing updates and upcoming workshop

I’m working to schedule a “Project Acceleration through Commitment-Based Project Management” in May in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area. This class, which I’ve delivered already three times in California, has received outstanding reviews each time. The goal is to have the participants leave being able to run their projects using CBPM. More details to follow in my web site at

pac.jpgI continue working with my client. We had to do a reset on their project due to issues outside the project that impacted their availability. Good progress is being made and resets do work when necessary. It is not necessary to run a full map day to do it. Instead, work through the deliverables matrix focusing on upcoming items and getting new commitments.

While it is not ideal to do a reset, sometimes it is the only way to bring reality into the project. Otherwise all deliverables will be late and the approach will have less of an impact — that is, being late will be the norm and the PM cannot leverage that tool to ensure progress.

Another item: just listened to a podcast on Agile project management and hear “we don’t use Gantt charts” in Agile. Sound familiar?

Let me know how it is going with your use of CBPM and what questions & suggestions you have.

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